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The first Giants jersey to be retired, which was also the first jersey ever retired by an NFL team, was the #1 of offensive/defensive end Ray Flaherty in 1935.

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Q: What New York Giants jersey was the first to be retired?
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When did the New York Giants leave New York?

1976 was the Giants first season in New Jersey.

Do the ny giants wear red jerseys?

The New York Giants Alternate Red jersey has been worn 3 times by the Giants and has been retired as of 2009.

Where can one buy a baseball jersey for the New York Giants?

You can purchase a baseball jersey for the New York Giants online at the official New York Giants website. You can also find a New York Giants baseball jersey in the clothing section of your local retail store.

What was the first number in all of sports to be retired?

The first number in professional sports to be retired was the number 1. It was worn by Ray Flaherty of the New York Giants football team, and was retired in 1935.

Which New York football team played in the New Jersey stadium first?

The New York Giants were the first team to play in New Jersey, that was in 1976. The New York Jets started playing there in 1984.

Where is the New York Giants home town?

The New York Giants home town is New Jersey.

Who has worn the number 27 jersey for the New York Giants?

Brandon Jacobs wore the number 27 jersey for the Giants.

What state do the New York Jets and giants play in?

Giants play in New York, Jets play in New Jersey

What NFL team retired Joe Morrison's number?

New York Giants

Where is the New York Giants and New York Jets stadium located?

new jersey

Which state do the New York Jets and New York Giants play in?

New Jersey

Do the giants play for New Jersey or New York?

I believe the giants play for new york, i think the jets play for nj

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