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Q: What New Orleans Saints receiver did commercials for Bunny Bread?
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Who sings the song 'It Don't Matter' in the Cingular commercials?

It Don't MatterPhil Collins has a song called "It Don't Matter." But I've heard that clip on the Cingular commercials & I believe that the Artist's are the group "Bread." The song is "It Don't Matter To Me"by David Gates & Bread. Check it out & see.

Indian breads according to different states?

Indian bread is only made in New Orleans.

What is pain perdu?

In France, Belgium, New Orleans, Newfoundland and the Congo, French toast is called pain perdu, which means "lost bread" in French. It is called "lost bread" because it is a way to reclaim stale or "lost" bread.

Who invented the po boy bread?

John Gendusa who first started with "John Gendusa Bakery" in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Who is the actor in ATT commercials?

The person who does the voice over in Cingular/AT&T commercials is Stanley Tucci. However, the persons who provide the voices in the ginger bread house commercial are Steve Buscemi & Norm McDonald.

What is the value of a sacrament?

The Sacrament was to replace the ordinance of sacrifice, which pointed the saints to the coming sacrifice of the Lord. The Sacrament is to point the saints to His atoning sacrifice. We take upon ourselves his name and partake of the bread and water as symbols of His body and blood, and renew the covenants that we have made with Him.

Where do you like to eat?

At home, or at Salvetore Scalopini's in Flint, Michigan. They have this stuff that you dip your bread in that is amazing! They have the best pasta and they have wonderful cheesecake! Enjoy!!!

Who is your patron saint when your birthday is December 14?

The following saints have their memorial on December 14:AbundiusAgnellusArseniusBartholomew BuonpedoniDrususEutropiaFingarFlorentiusHeronIsidoreJohn Bread-and-WaterJohn of the CrossJucundusJustusMatronianus of MilanNicasiusPhialaPompeius of PaviaSpyridonTheodoreVenantius FortunatusViator of BergamoZosimus of Syria

What is the Lutheran communion of saints?

Eucharist, Holy Communion, Sacramental Union, the real and litteral presence of God in and with the elements of consecrated unlevened bread and wine (body and blood). The saints are those cleansed of sins through God's mercy at the altar where the Sacrament of Communion is served. Lutherans approach the altar as sinners and leave as saints; and this process continues weekly according to the liturgical calendar.

What Louisiana food starts with M?

The muffuletta is a popular sandwich in New Orleans. It consists of a muffuletta bread filled with layers of marinated olive salad, mortadella, salami, mozzarella, ham, and provolone.

Where does the muffuletta sandiwch come from?

Italy. Muffuletta is a Sicilian bread. It is large, round, and flat. The sandwich is part of New Orleans cuisine. There is also a crepe served by Moroccan Jewish people called mofletta.

Is Walkers Short Bread Co owned by Mormons?

Walker's Shortbread Co is owned by the Walker family in Scotland. It is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church).