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The following players have worn 22 for the Patriots:

Ron Burton 1960-1965

Gene Thomas 1968

Sid Blanks 1969-1970

Phil Clark 1971

Sandy Durko 1973-1974

Dick Conn 1975-1979

Chuck Foreman 1980

Keith Lee 1981-1984

Gene Profit 1986-1988

Ricky Atkinson 1987

Eric Coleman 1989-1990

Rod Smith 1992-1994

Dave Meggett 1995-1997

Terry Allen 1999

Terrance Shaw 2001

Terrell Buckley 2002

Asante Samuel 2003-2007

Terrence Wheatley 2008-2009

Thomas Clayton 2010

Stevan Ridley 2011-2013

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Players who have worn number 42 for the New England Patriots include defensive back Don Webb (with team from 1961-70, wore number 48 his rookie year), all-purpose specialist Mack Herron (1973-75), cornerback Ronnie Lippett (1983-88, 1990-91) and running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis (2008-current as of July 2012).

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Dave Meggett, Asante Samuel

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Q: What New England Patriots have worn number 42?
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