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Nelson Mandela ended the Apartheid in South Africa

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Q: What Nelson Mandela has done to make the world different?
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What has Nelson Mandela done since his presidency?

published books

What has Nelson Mandela done in his life that is good?

he stood up for black people!

How does writers explains nelson Mandela achievements?

By writing about the things he has done. The good and the bad.

What nelson Mandela has done made a change today?

yes, what he did made a significant change not only in south africa but the whole world. There is nothing as sweet as being free.

what are some names of leaders that have done big things?

nelson mandela had got the freedom of black people

Was Nelson Mandela a slave?

Strictly speaking, he wasn't.While the Apartheid policy was harsh and unfair and severely restricted the personal freedom of black people, they weren't owned, so they weren't slaves.

What is the biggest thing nelson Mandela has done?

he's saved south Africa from going into war ,a battle between the colours

How did Nelson Mandela become prime minister?

at first nelson mandela was a black who was fighting becuase in africa white people were sperrated from black people so all white people would take a bus and all black people would take a bus so nelson mandela was trying so hard to fight that sepprattion then the threw him to jail a until they realised what he had done so they put him as the prime minstrer

What does Barack Obama think of Nelson Mandela?

President Obama has said on many occasions that he has deep admiration for Nelson Mandela. He felt honored to meet Mr. Mandela in 2006 and wished it were possible to see him again during the presidential trip to South Africa; sadly, Mr. Mandela is not well enough to receive visitors, but President Obama met with the Mandela family and expressed his affection and respect for what Nelson Mandela has done for peace and diplomacy.

What is Nelson Mandela's religon?

He is a Methodist.He is known to often comment that he is not sure whether he has done enough good in his life to deserve entry into Heaven, which, if true, sets the bar pretty high!

When did Nelson Mandela say it always seems impossible until its done?

he meant that nothing is impossible until you have tried to see if it's impossible.

Why did nelson Mandela got in jail?

The charges were sabbatoge - when the ANC (African National Congress) of which he was the head - planted bombs in hotels and people were killed. This was done to overthow the current government and Mandella was jailed for 27 years for "acts to overthrow the government".