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Ernie Nevers of the Chicago Cardinals scored 40 points (6 TDs and 4 PATs) in a game against the Chicago Bears on November 28, 1929.

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Q: What National Football League player holds the record for most points scored in a game?
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Was Frank Thomas drafted by the NFL for football?

No he was drafted by the National FOOTBALL League for hockey. If he was drafted by the NFL, of course it would be for football. I award you no points and god have mercy on your soul.

Who is the highest scoring professional CFL football player?

Lui Passaglia, placekicker/punter for The BC Lions from 1976-2000. He scored a total of 3,991 points, which is the record for most points by a player in any professional football league.

What is the highest points a single player has scored in one gameweek in the premier league fantasy football?

CR7 with 28

Highest team score in national football league?

Jacksonville Jaguars scored 67 points in the AFC divisional game in 1995 against the Dolphins.

What team has The most points in a football league championship season?

Most points in a season (2 points for a win): 74 by Lincoln City (Fourth Division, 1975-76) Most points in a season (3 points for a win): 106 by Reading (League Championship, 2005-06) Source:

3 points for a win in English Football League?

3 points for a win was introduced to the league in the 1981/82 season.

What is the most points scored in a single NFL game by any fantasy football player?

Every league/website has a different system of points, so there is no real way to answer your question correctly.

What is ffp in football?

FFP stands for Fantasy Football Points, usually dealing with a fantasy football league.

What sport do you get points for a Try?

You get points for a try in the sport of rugby league and rugby union football.

Has any English Football League Club got more than 100 points in one season?

Has any English Football League Club got more than 100 points in one season?

When was the last time in the NFL where a game was decided with a combined score of less than 5 points?

The last time a game in the National Football League was decided with a combined score of less then five points, was when the Packers played the Bears in January.

How many league points do you get for 0 0 draw in football?


How many league points do you get for 0-0 draw in football?

you get 1 point for a draw. 0 points for a loss. and 3 points if you win.

How do you figure the percentage on the Australian Football League table?

Simple- points for divided by points against multiplied by one hundred!

What is the most points scored in middle school football game?

The most points is in the bhjfl(black hills jr. football league) the Lions against wolfpack 79-12 Lions.

What is the most points a kicker has gotten in a fantasy football?

Depends on the league's scoring method, but the player was Rob Bironas of the Tennesse Titans sometime last season when he kicked 8 field goals in one game. He scored about 28 in my league, I think.

What is sudden death in national football league?

Sudden death is used as a way to determine a winner if the score is tied after the typical sixty minute game. The first team to score points in any way is the winner.

How do rugby national league two clubs score points?

by killing there oposition

How many points per goal in football?

There would be many answers to this question as there are many football codes. American football, Gaelic, Aussie rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union etc. However if you mean the most popular form of football in the world, Association Football (Soccer) there are no points awarded for goals. Points are awarded for winning (3) or drawing (1).

How many points does a team get if it ties in ice hockey according to the National Hockey League NHL rules?

10 Points

How many teams have won 100 points in the Spanish football league?

Just Real Madrid.

What is Maurice Richard's trophy awarded for?

The Richard trophy was introduced to the National Hockey League in 1999, and is awarded to the League's top goal scorer each season. This is not the same as the Ross trophy which is awarded to the League's top point scorer (points being the total of a player's goals and assists).

Biggest lob sided wins in diffedrent sports?

The biggest winning margin the AFL (Australian Football League) is 186. This happened in round 19 2011, Geelong cats over Melbourne Demons at Kardinia Park. The scores were 37.11 (233) to 7.5 (47). However in 1979 Fitzroy def. Melbourne by 190 points in the VFL (Victorian Football League, state level), before the AFL (the national league) was established

Who is Mark Moseley?

Mark DeWayne Moseley (born March 12, 1948 in Laneville, Texas), is a former professional American football placekicker in the National Football League who played for the Philadelphia Eagles (1970), the Houston Oilers (1971-1972), the Washington Redskins (1974-1986), and the Cleveland Browns (1986). With the retirement of the Minnesota Vikings' Rick Danmeier in 1982, Moseley became the sole full time straight on placekicker in the National Football League. Additionally, Moseley is the only placekicker in National Football League history to win the Most Valuable Player Award; he did so in the strike-shortened 1982 season. The Washington Redskins won Super Bowl XVII, beating the Miami Dolphins 27-17. In the game, Moseley kicked two field goals and was successful on all three of his extra point attempts. The following season, he led the NFL in scoring with 161 points. In 1986, the 38-year old Moseley was released by the Washington Redskins in the middle of the season. He is their all-time leading scorer with 1,207 points. He signed with the Cleveland Browns and retired at the end of the season. Mark Moseley was successful on 300 out of 457 attempts (65%), successful on 482 out of 512 extra points attempts (94%) and scored a total of 1,382 points.

What is the most fantasy points scored by one player in football?

Only 1 point surprisingly.