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Currently, Chase Rice does not belong to any Nascar team. He was Jimmie Johnson's jackman in 2009.

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Q: What Nascar pit crew does Chase Rice belong to?
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How much is a nascar crew membership cost?

Being on a NASCAR crew is not a club you have to pay dues for...they pay YOU to be on a NASCAR crew, because it's a (very hard) part-time job they train every day to do.

When was Mike Ford - NASCAR crew chief - born?

Mike Ford - NASCAR crew chief - was born on 1970-04-13.

Is NASCAR Technical institute a good place to become a NASCAR crew chief?


Which teams pit crew does Nascar's Jimmy Elledge work on?

Jimmy Elledge is a crew chief in the Nascar Nationwide Series for Turner Motorsports. His driver is Justin Allgaier.

Who is the crew chief for Nascar driver Ryan Newman?

Matt Borland is the crew chief for NASCAR driver Ryan Newman and the #39 Quicken Loans/Haas Automation car.

Do start and park Nascar teams have to have a full pit crew?


Who is Carl Edwards' crew chief?

Bob Osborne is the crew chief for Nascar driver Carl Edwards.

Who is the crew chief for Kyle Busch in the Nascar Cup Series?

Dave Rogers is the crew chief for NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and the #18 Mars Brands/Interstate Batteries car.

How many jobs are created in NASCAR?

There are tons of jobs in Nascar besides being the driver. There's the pit crew members, crew chief, spotters, officials, announcers, analysts and reporters.

Who is the crew chief for Jeff Burton?

Rodney Childers is the crew chief for NASCAR driver Mark Martin and the #55 Aaron's Dream Machine car.Martin currently drives a part-time schedule in the Cup Series.

What does it cost to race one Nascar race pit crew crew chief tires etc.?

It costs approximate $200,000 (minimum) to race a NASCAR Sprint Cup car in ONE RACE.

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