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These are the oldest Rugby League teams: Newtown Jets, South Sydney Rabbits, Canterbury Bulldogs and tigers.

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Q: What NRL team is the oldest?
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Why are the rabbitohs the best team in the NRL?

They are the best team because they are the oldest (1908), have the best coach Michael Maguire and have won the m

Who is the oldest player in the nrl?

daren lockier

Who is oldest player NRL?

Steve Price

What the best nrl team?

its between 'the chief, the warriors and the bulls' but i would say the chief are the nrl rugby team

When was NRL Racing Development Cycling Team created?

NRL Racing Development Cycling Team was created in 2005.

What NRL team won in 1998?

In 1998, the Brisbane Broncos won the NRL premiership.

Who is the worst nrl team?

Penrith Panthers

Is there a new NRL team this year 2010?


Who is nrl poorest team?

cronulla sharks

Which team has the most fans for nrl?


Is nrl planning on bringing in a new team?


What NRL team is least popular?

I think the bulldogs are?

What is the best NRL team?

Manly Sea Eagles.

Which nrl team is the best?

Eels are the best... Obviously...

Which nrl team will improve the most?

Canterbury Bulldogs

Which NRL team won the 2004 premiership?


Which teams played in the 1989 nrl grand final which the winning team won by a field goal?

There was no NRL winning team in 1989, and the RL winning team did not win by a field goal.

Do nrl broncos ever win?

Yes, they do. As a matter of fact, they have the greatest winning percentage out of every other team in the nrl

Which is the coolest NRL team?

Probably the canterbury bankstown bulldogs

Who is the best team in the nrl?

what about the Brisbane Broncos they are the total best

Which nrl team has won the most premierships?


Which sport has 15 players on a team?

nrl rugby, union

Has a nrl team gone through the season undefeated?

Not to my information

What is the name of the newest team for NRL?

the gold coast titans

Who is the fastest in the bribens broncos team NRL?

Darren Lockyar