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the detriot red wings are the American team with the most stanely cups with 11

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The Montréal Canadiens

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Q: What NHL team has the most Stanley cups?
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What NHL team has wan the most Stanley Cups?


What team in the NHL holds the most Stanley cups?

Montreal Canadians with 24.

What NHL team has won the fourth most Stanley Cups?

Boston Bruins (6)

Who are the New York Rangers?

The Rangers are a NHL team. They have won 4 Stanley Cups.

What NHL team has won the second most Stanley Cups?

The team with the second most Stanley Cups is the Detroit Red Wings, with 11,although they haven't won a championship since 2008 Detroit Red Wings - Second - 11 cup championships. Toronto Maple Leafs - Third - 11 cup championships.

Did Montreal Canadiens win the most Stanley cups in the whole nhl?


What NHL team won the most Stanley cups in the last 30 years?

Edmonton Oilers - 5 (1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990)

In the history of the NHL who has won the most Stanley cups?

the Montreal canadiens have won the most in the history of the nhl, but the nhl wasn't the only league that to compete for the cup.

Do the NHL Pittsburgh penguins have the most Stanley cups?

Not even close Montreal tops the list and then Toronto is a distant second after that everyone else is not even close, Detroit is the American team that has the most Cups I believe.

Who has 10 Stanley cups in the NHL?


What NHL team has the most Stanley Cup championships?

The Montreal Canadians

What is the team with the most stanley cups in the nhl?

The currently active National Hockey League team with the most Stanley Cups won is the Montreal Canadians. They currently have 23, and they're followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs with 13. The third place team is the Detroit RedWings, with 11. Also note that one of the Montreal Canadians Stanley Cup wins was pre-NHL, and the Toronto Maple Leafs wins are the wins accumulated in that organization. That counts the team's two previous titles, the Toronto Arenas and the Toronto St Pats.