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Q: What NHL team has the most Canadian players on their 08-09 Roster?
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What NHL team has the most Canadian players?

Edmonton has 21 Canadian players. That is the NHL team that has the most. as of April 19th 2010 they have 21 Canadian born players

Who has the most oldest players on their roster in the NHL?

Detroit Redwings Chris Chelios

Current NHL roster with most american-born players?

Sabres 12

Why are there non-Canadian hockey players on Canadian hockey teams?

Most non-Canadian hockey players have been drafted from American teams to the Canadian teams.

What current NFL team has the most players from Texas?

The Denver Brocos with 32 players from Texas on its 2013 roster

How many players are there in futsal?

In futsal, there are ten players on the pitch at a time. (five a side) In most leagues you can have a total of 18 players on a roster.

Which NHL team has the most Canadian players?


Which ncaa school has produced the most nfl players 2011 roster?

University of Southern California

What NCAA team had the most current nfl players on its roster in a single season?

University of miami

How many players are in MLB?

That's a kind of trick question. The reason is that there is an "active roster" and a "40 man roster". The 40 man roster on each team is what most folks point to as being how many players on each team. There are 32 teams, and 40 players on each team, that's 1280 pleayers in MLB.

Who are the most famous Canadian football players?

Joe Montana

How many players are on a regular NHL team roster?

The NHL allows a team to carry 23 players on their roster. However, most teams only dress 20 and "healthy scratch" 3 players. (12 Forwards + 6 Defensemen +2 Goalies = 20)

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