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Q: What NHL team has given up most short handed goals this year?
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Who scored the most short handed goals for the St. Louis Blues?

Gary Unger

Which is given goals to meet?

Staff agencies are given goals to meet. Most people give themselves goals to meet in most aspects of their lives as well.

Are there more balls hit to second or short?

Most batters are right-handed, and on top of that, most of them are pull hitters. This is just an educated guess, but I'd have to say given those two facts I would think that more balls are hit to shortstop than to second base.

What is the name for left handed people?

The most common name used other than just plain 'lefty/left-hander' is 'Southpaw'.

Are most artists left or right handed?

Right Handed

What is the name given to the operations used by most organizations to reach their customer goals?

Universal Marketing Functions -APEX

What is the name given to operations used by most organizations to reach their customers goals?

Universal Marketing Functions -APEX

Were there more right handed or left handed people on the Mormon trail?

There is no record of the 'handedness' of the Mormon pioneers, but we can assume that most were right handed simply because most people are right handed.

How would you determine when short term or long term goals should drive a decision?

With experience and maturity, we improve our abilities to predict longer-term results of our actions We need to avoid short-term injury that lasts long-term, most of our decisions should be tailored to the long-term. As humans we have been given the smarts to look into the future. We should realize the potential by making good decisions for the long-term. Short-term goals should always be there to contribute to the success of long-term goals. If you expect to actually accomplish your long term goals then your short term goals set to reach the long term goals should drive your everyday decisions. Short term goals are more realistic to envision and accomplish, but they should be structured with your long term goals in mind. When a decision is made that is in conflict with your goals due to some desire for immediate pleasure or satisfaction, it is likely that none or few of your goals will ever be realized. Goals ultimately provide a path to follow in life. Everyday short term goals such as a to-do list are valuable in getting things done. Short term goals that are steps toward long term goals provide to-do lists for the long term goals, they are stepping stones. When should goals drive a decision? That depends on how important the goals are in your life. If a long term goal is to purchase a home and you need a down payment and extra money for decorating and furniture there is a monetary goal as well as an educational goal. If your daily life gets in the way of saving money for that home your long term goal of a down payment is either pushed further out or nonexistent.

Are most Pisces left handed?

If it helps I am left handed and pisces.

Who has the most goals?

pele has the most goals

Which NFL team has allowed the most field goals in 2008?

The 2008 season isn't yet over but scoring against defense stats can be answered on As of today (12/02/08) SF has given up the most field goals (31) and the Titans have given up the least (12). Go to and hover over "stats" and then select "team stats". After that loads select "total defense". Once there pull the drop down menu under "game stats" and select "scoring". Then click on "FGM" (Field Goals Made). That will rack the defenses that have given up the most field goals. You can also rack other type of scoring such as the most touchdowns given up. Hope that helps.