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Roberto Luongo plays for the Florida Panthers.

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Q: What NHL team does Roberto Luongo play for?
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Who is Roberto Luongo?

Roberto Luongo is a professional goaltender for the NHL's Vancouver Canucks.

Does Roberto Luongo shoot right or left?

NHL player Roberto Luongo shoots left.

Which current NHL goalie is the first to ever in NHL history to have 2 goal masks and 2 sets of pads one for his regular jerseys and the other for the team's third?

Roberto Luongo

What is Roberto Luongo famous for?

Roberto Luongo is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender. He plays for the Vancouver Canucks. He won the NHL All-Star in 2004 and 2007. He was born in Montreal in 1979.

What is Roberto Luongo most well known for?

Roberto Luongo is most well known for being a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender who plays for the Vancouver Canucks in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Is Roberto luongo a good goalie in hockey?

Yes, he is considered to be one of the best in the NHL by most people.

Who is the greatest goalie in the NHL right now?

Roberto luongo no doubt Update: I've no quarrel with Luongo, but Martin Brodeur is still the best, even if he is near the end of his career.

How many goalies are NHL captain?

1. Roberto Luongo of the Vancover Canucks 2. Gump Worsley of the Montreal Canadiens

How many NHL team captains on team Canada?

There are 9 captains on Team Canada and they are: Roberto Luongo Jarome Iginla Brendan Morrow Eric Stall Scott Niedermayer Jonathan Toews Sidney Crosby Rick Nash Mike Richards

Which NHL goalie is better Roberto Luongo or Patrick Roy?

Patrick Roy is widely considered to be either the best or second best goaltender of all time, Luongo, while good is not at that level, nor will he ever be.

Which current NHL goalie is the first to ever in NHL history to have two goal masks and two sets of pads?

Roberto Luongo my ass its got to be Evgeni Nabokov for the San Jose sharks. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Who is greatest hockey playervin the NHL?

Bobby Orr or Luongo

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