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Marc Staal plays for the New York Rangers.

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Q: What NHL team does Marc Staal play for?
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What NHL team does Eric Staal play for?

Eric Staal plays for the Carolina Hurricanes.

What NHL team does Jordan Staal play for?

Jordan Staal plays for the Carolina Hurricanes.

What is Marc staal's middle name?

Marc Staal does not have a middle name. Marc Staal is most known for being a hockey player in the NHL.

Does Marc Staal shoot right or left?

NHL player Marc Staal shoots left.

How much does Marc Staal weigh?

NHL player Marc Staal weighs 207 pounds.

What NHL team does Marc Methot play for?

Marc Methot plays for the Ottawa Senators.

What NHL team does Marc Savard play for?

Marc Savard plays for the Boston Bruins.

Is Erick staal related to Jordan staal?

Yes, they are brothers. A third brother, Marc, also plays in the NHL for the New York Rangers.

What NHL team does Marc-Andre Bourdon play for?

Marc-Andre Bourdon plays for the Philadelphia Flyers.

What NHL team does Marc-Andre Cliche play for?

Marc-Andre Cliche plays for the Colorado Avalanche.

What NHL team does Marc-Andre Fleury play for?

Marc-Andre Fleury plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What NHL team does Marc-Edouard Vlasic play for?

Marc-Edouard Vlasic plays for the San Jose Sharks.

Who uses a x60 in the NHL?

Niki backstrom, kesler, cole, samuelsson, Jordan staal, Marc staal, claude giroux, Jeff skinner (i think), and there are a lot more...

How tall is Eric Staal?

NHL player Eric Staal is 6'-04''.

Which family have the most NHL players?

The Sutter Brothers, had 6 out of 7 brothers in the NHL. Behind them is the Staal brothers they currently have all 4 brothers in the NHL. And behind them is The Niedermayer brothers have two brother in the NHL, the Niedermayer brothers are both the only brothers to ever play for the same NHL team .

Does Eric Staal shoot right or left?

NHL player Eric Staal shoots left.

Does Jordan Staal shoot right or left?

NHL player Jordan Staal shoots left.

How much does Eric Staal weigh?

NHL player Eric Staal weighs 205 pounds.

How much does Jordan Staal weigh?

NHL player Jordan Staal weighs 220 pounds.

Is Jared Staal in the NHL?

2009-10Sudbury Wolves

Was jordan staal 16 when he started playing in the NHL?


How many goals has Jordan Staal gotten?

As of March 31, 2012, Staal has scored 120 career NHL goals.

What nhl teams do the staal brothers play for?

Eric: Carolina hurricanes, Marc: New York Rangers, Jordan: Pittsburgh Penguins Jared:Sudbury Wolves (has contract with san antonio rampage Eric and Jared are both on the Canes now. Jareds rights got traded and he plays fro Carolinas minor league team the Checkers. Marc is still in New York and Jordan is still on the pens

How do you be in the nhl?

You get drafted by game scouts. They give you a chance to play on their AHL team and if they like what they see, you will soon get a chance to play in their nhl team.

Do more Americans or Canadian play hockey in the NHL?

more canadians play in the NHL, there is a avg of 6 canadians on every NHL team