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Jordan Eberle plays for the Edmonton Oilers.

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Q: What NHL team does Jordan Eberle play for?
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How tall is Jordan Eberle?

NHL player Jordan Eberle is 5'-11''.

Does Jordan Eberle shoot right or left?

NHL player Jordan Eberle shoots right.

How much does Jordan Eberle weigh?

NHL player Jordan Eberle weighs 180 pounds.

Is Jordan eberle in NHL 11?


Is Jordan eberle in NHL 10?

No.Not until NHL 11 is released.

Who's the best NHL player?

Jordan eberle, Taylor hall and Alexander ovechkin

Was Jordan Eberle a first round draft pick?

Yes, Eberle was a first round pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, 22nd overall.

What NHL team does Jordan Caron play for?

Jordan Caron plays for the Boston Bruins.

What NHL team does Jordan Schroeder play for?

Jordan Schroeder plays for the Vancouver Canucks.

What NHL team does Jordan Szwarz play for?

Jordan Szwarz plays for the Arizona Coyotes.

What NHL team does Michal Jordan play for?

Michal Jordan plays for the Carolina Hurricanes.

What NHL team does Jordan Leopold play for?

Jordan Leopold plays for the St. Louis Blues.