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Drew Miller plays for the Detroit Red Wings.

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Q: What NHL team does Drew Miller play for?
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What NHL team does Drew Stafford play for?

Drew Stafford plays for the Buffalo Sabres.

What NHL team does Drew Shore play for?

Drew Shore plays for the Florida Panthers.

How tall is Drew Miller?

NHL player Drew Miller is 6'-02''.

What NHL team does Kevan Miller play for?

Kevan Miller plays for the Boston Bruins.

What NHL team does Drew Doughty play for?

Drew Doughty plays for the Los Angeles Kings.

What NHL team does Drew MacIntyre play for?

Drew MacIntyre plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What NHL team does J.T. Miller play for?

J.T. Miller plays for the New York Rangers.

Does Drew Miller shoot right or left?

NHL player Drew Miller shoots left.

How much does Drew Miller weigh?

NHL player Drew Miller weighs 178 pounds.

Does Ryan miller have a brother?

Yes. Ryan Miller has a brother and his name is Drew Miller. He currently plays for the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL.

How do you be in the nhl?

You get drafted by game scouts. They give you a chance to play on their AHL team and if they like what they see, you will soon get a chance to play in their nhl team.

Who does Scott Hartnell Play for in the NHL?

the worst team in the NHL, the garbage flyers, who suck