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Edmonton Oilers las angelelas kings and the New York Rangers and the st Louis blues

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Q: What NHL hockey teams did gretzky play for?
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When did Wayne Gretzky first play hockey in NHL?

when he was 17

Does the AHL teams play the NHL teams?

No they do not, the AHL or American Hockey League is the minor league of the NHL or National Hockey League.

How long did Wayne Gretzky play hockey for the NHL?

20 seasons 1979-1999

How many teams play in the ice hockey NHL?

There are 30 clubs in the NHL.

What team did Wayne Gretzky play for in college?

Wayne Gretzky did not play in college. He played for a few different teams in juniors in Canada before the WHA/NHL.

How many teams play in the National Hockey League?

Currently there are 30 teams in the NHL.

How many people play ice hockey in America?

Not that many but there are a lot of ice hockey teams that play for the nhl.

How many NHL hockey teams did Paul Coffey play for?


Who has the most hockey goals in nhl history?

Wayne Gretzky has the most hockey goals in NHL history with 864 goals.

How many NHL hockey teams are there in Utah?

There are no NHL teams in Utah

How many pro hockey teams are there?

there are 30 hockey teams in the nhl

How did Wayne Gretzky get into the NHL?

he was a realy good hockey player

What hockey player in the NHL had the most goals in a season?

wayne gretzky

When does NHL hockey season start?

A NHL season starts on offically starts October 6 though not all teams play on this date.

Did pavel barber play in the NHL?

No. He played on the Canadian National teams for field hockey and floorball hockey, but he has never played any high level ice hockey.

How many hockey teams in US?

NHL- 24 teams****

How many hockey teams are in the NHL in 2010?

30 teams

How many American hockey teams are in the NHL?

24 teams

How many NHL teams are there in Idaho?

There are no hockey teams in Idaho.

How was Wayne Gretzky inspired into hockey?

Wayne Gretzky actually started out liking nothing but Hockey.Go figure.Then A friend of his told him he should become a hockey player. He played youth hockey all the way to The NHL.

Which NHL teams did Wayne Gretzky play on?

The Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and New York Rangers.

How many hockey teams is there?

Well, there are many different hockey teams around the world, but in the NHL, there are 30 teams in total.

What NHL hockey player has scored the most goals?

Wayne Gretzky has scored the most NHL goals. He has 894 goals.

Did Wayne Gretzky play on nhl teams?

Yes, Wayne Gretzky did play on NHL teams, 4 to be exact. He started his NHL Career with the Edmonton Oilers from 1979 to 1988. He was then traded to the Los Angeles Kings where he played for 7 seasons. in the middle of the 1995-1996 season, he was traded to the St. Louis Blues where he played the remainder of the season. He singed with the New York Rangers the next season where he would retire at the end of the 1999 season.

Wane did gretzy finish playing hockey?

Wayne Gretzky no longer plays professional hockey. He is now a NHL coach