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All teams wear colored jerseys @ home?

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Q: What NFL teams wear white at home?
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Why does home team in football wear dark jerseys and other sports wear white at home?

Most teams' traditions are to wear their dark jerseys at home. But other teams, such as the Dallas Cowboys, prefer to wear white at home. When the Cowboys first joined the NFL in 1960, president and general manager Tex Schramm decided the team would wear white at home. Schramm's reasoning was that Dallas fans would like to see the other NFL teams wearing the uniforms seen for years on television.

Are all NFL away jerseys white?

Home teams have the option of what color uniform to wear....most choose their team colors, so the visiting team will usually wear white.

What color does the home team wear?

the home team wears white and the visiting teams wears gray. Actually, "home whites" and 'road greys" is the rule in ML baseball. In the NFL, it's the home team's decision as to whether they want to wear dark or light, and I believe it's traditional for most teams to wear dark at home.

What is the jersey color of the Green Bay Packers on the road?

NFL teams don't have a home or road uniform they have a color and a white uniform most teams wear their color uniform at home, thus you will see most road team wearing white on the road. The Dallas Cowboys always wear white at home thus the road team is force to wear their color uniform. so even though Green Bay wears color at home you will see them wearing the color uniform on the road when they play the cowboys Some teams (jets,dolphins,redskins) wear white at home in the warm months (sept. Oct.) and color or alternate for the rest of the season.

What NFL team is white?

The Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins both wear home Whites.

Why do football players have away game uniforms?

so that the players, refs and fans can tell who is on what team. In the NFL every team is allowed one home uniform (colour), one away (white), and one alternate (such as the famous chargers powder blue). The home team can pick which one they want to wear and the away team must wear the opposite. The pants are not as heavily regulated and sometimes teams will change the colour of the pants at random, for example the Chicago bears usually wear white pants at home with a blue top but about 2 or three times a year they wear blue pants and a blue top. *all NFL teams generally choose wear the colour jersey or the alternate colour jersey at home with the exception of the dallas cowboys who many times choose to wear white at home thus making the away team wear their usual home jersey

What are the PMS Colors of all the NFL Teams?

pink and white

Why do NHL home teams now wear dark uniforms at home?

I would assume it's so the home team could show off different combos for the home fans....but I don't really know. It's all about marketing. Most people buy dark jerseys. Plus, in the old days, the home team always used to wear dark. I miss the white, and personally, I think it should just be the home teams in the NFL.

Why don't the Dallas Cowboys wear their home jerseys for the 2012 season?

The Dallas Cowboys' home jerseys are the white ones they wear most of the time. The tradition was begun in the 1960s by Tex Schramm, the team's original president and general manager. Schramm believed that Dallas fans preferred seeing the other NFL teams wearing the familiar home jerseys they wore in televised games. As a result, the Cowboys usually wear white at home, except on Thanksgiving when they don blue-and-white double-star throwback jerseys.

Who decides what color of uniforms the NFL teams wear?

the coaches and sometimes the owners

What percent of home teams win in the NFL?

800% percentage

What NFL Teams did Reggie White play for?

Carolina, Philly, and GreenBay

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