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Q: What NFL teams nickname is Native American leaders?
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What nfl teams nickname is American gauchos?


Why do sports teams use Native American names and symbols?

Because native americans were alive when these teams were created.

Should sports teams drop native American names?

it would be offending

Who were the first teams to play lacrosse?

they were originated native american. it has been said that lacrosse is therefore the only true american sport.

What are the nicknames of the male and female Australian Hockey teams?

the male Australian Hockey teams nickname is the Kookaburras, and the Womans Australian Hockey teams nickname is the Hockeyroos. i ;)

How did the brewers get the nickname Harvey's wallbangers?

The manager of the Milwaukee Brewers hard-hitting teams during their great seasons in 1982-1983 was former baseball player and Wisconsin native Harvey Kuenn. Harvey's teams known for their hitting prowess were given the nickname "Harvey's Wallbangers."

What is the nickname of sports teams at Arkansas State University?

The Red Wolves is the nickname of sports teams at Arkansas State University.

What is the Australian rugby teams nickname?

The Wallabies

What teams nickname is a Greek people?


What is Germany's soccer teams nickname?

The machine.

What is the nickname of the sports teams of Northern Illinois State University?

Northern Illinois State sports teams go by the nickname of the Huskies. There are several other universities that also use this nickname.

Are Native American mascots racist?

No, because it is a way of honoring them. having a Native American as a mascot is simply a symbol of war and since the native tribes constantly fought in wars with two teams against each other, that is the same thing as two sports teams fighting against each other. therefore, it has nothing to do with race, just their cultures.

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