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The NY Jets and the NY Giants

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Q: What NFL teams are in New Jersey?
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What teams are in New Jersey?

the New Jersey Devils

How many NFL stadiums are there?

Thirty-one There are 32 NFL teams, but the two New York teams: Giants and Jets (or Jets and Giants to Jets fans) share the new Meadowlands Stadium (ironically, located in New Jersey)

Why are there two teams from New York City?

There are no NFL teams in New York City. The only team from New York are the Buffalo Bills. The other two "New York" teams, the Giants and Jets, actually play in New Jersey.

What NFL team is from New York?

The only NFL team to play in the state of NY is Buffalo! -The New York Jets and the New York Giants are also NY teams, but they play in New Jersey

What state has two NFL teams?

Ohio ANSWER: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Missouri all have two teams each. California, Florida and New York have three each. Maryland and New Jersey both have two teams. New York only has one, two of New York teams play in Jersey and Redskins play in Maryland.

How many NFL teams are in New York?

2There are three NFL teams in New York State, the Giants, Jets and Buffalo Bills.Actually the Bills are the only one that plays in new york the jets and giants play in new jersey. The guy who said two is way off

What are some of New Jerseys sport teams?

new jersey devils new jersey nets

What are the famous sports teams in New Jersey?

New Jersey Nets (NBA)New Jersey Devils (NHL)New Jersey MetroStars (MLS)

How many nfl teams do not have their stadium in their states?

2 ny jets and ny giants both play at same stadium in new jersey

What is New Jersey's sport teams?

the nets

How many NFL teams play their home games in New York?

Technically, only one...the Buffalo Bills. The Meadowlands (home of the Giants and Jets) is in New Jersey.

What are the best sports teams in New Jersey?

1 of em is New Jersey Nets nets in new jersey

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