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Q: What NFL team retired Joe Morrison's number?
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Joe dumars number?

Joe Dumars wore the number 4 while playing for the Pistons. That number has since been retired by the team and no future or current piston can wear it.

Was number 19 retired for joe Montana?


What Cardinal Hall of Famer does not have his number retired?

joe medwick

Is the number 6 retired for the New York Yankees?

No, it currently is not. The number 6 will probably be retired in the future to honor manager Joe Torre.

Which Yankees had his uniform number 5 and retired April 1952?

Joe DiMaggio, who had retired after the 1951 World Series.

What New York Yankees players wore the retired number 6?

Joe Torre

How many numbers are retired by the New York Yankees?

There are 16 number retired by the New York Yankees. #1Billy Martin Number retired in 1986. #3 Babe Ruth Number retired in 1948. #4 Lou Gehrig Number retired in 1939. #5 Joe DiMaggio Number retired in 1952. #7 Mickey Mantle Number retired in 1969. #8 Yogi Berra & Bill Dickey Number retired in 1972. #9 Roger Maris Number retired in 1984. #10 Phil Rizzuto Number retired in 1985. #15Thurman MunsonNumber retired in 1979. #16 Whitey Ford Number retired in 1974. #23 Don Mattingly Number retired in 1997. #32Elston Howard Number retired in 1984. #36 Casey Stengel Number retired in 1970. #44 Reggie Jackson Number retired in 1993. #49 Ron Guidry Number retired in 2003. Major League Baseball retired the number 42 for all teams in honor of Jackie Robinson. Mariano Rivera still wears this number, and I'm sure number 42 will also be retired in his name.

Is Terry Bradshaw's number 12 jersey retired?

No, it is not. The Steelers will have only two numbers retired in their history. Ernie Stautner's #70 is one and on November 2, 2014, Joe Greene's #75 will also be retired.

How old was joe namath when he retired?

Joe Namath retired after the 1977 season at the age of 34 (born May 31, 1943).

Should joe klecko be in the hall of fame?

YES! hes one of 3 jets who have had their jersey number retired

Who is England football team squad number 1?

joe hart

Who is Joe Horne?

Joe Horne is a retired American football wide receiver

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