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Q: What NFL team refers to the hint used to be girls?
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What NFL team refers to the hint American fowl?

There is no NFL team that is named after a fowl. The closest I can think of is a derogatory nickname used for the Seattle Seahawks. They are often called the "Sea-Chickens" by fans of opposing teams.

What football team is known as the used to be girls?

Cleveland Browns

Used to be girls is what NFL team's nickname?

The Cincinnati Bengals (been gals).

A girls football team name?

i belive that the vikins used to be a girlz f00tball tean

What TV show used you've got a friend for its theme tune?

golden girls

Is hint an adjective?

No, it is not. The word hint is a noun or a verb. The verb "to hint" can used the past participle hinted as an adjective (e.g. hinted and veiled threats).

The ratio of boys to girls on the county lacrosse club team is 5 to 3 Whitney has 9 girls on her team Which equation could be used to find y the number of boys on Whitney's team?

The answer would be y=5/3 X 9

What is the derivation of the word bye in sports?

The word bye in sports refers to a day or week in which a team does not play. It is most used in football, such as a team has a "bye week", meaning that this team does not play that particular week.

Why are the Minnesota Wild hockey team called the team of 18000?

"We Are the Team of 18,000" was the slogan used by the Wild for the playoffs after winning its Northwest Division title in 2008. The 18,000 refers to the fans that are in the arena in a sold out game.

To give a hint about something is the same as to do what?

To give a hint about something is the same to intimate. This is commonly used as an indirect mode of communication.

What is the name used for the process of policymaking Hint?

policy cycle

What nfl team is used to be girls?

What? Sorry, i don't know what you mean. The Dallas Cowboys are sometimes called the "girls by redskins fans or just cowboys haters. hote that helped! :)

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