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Q: What NFL team leads the league in interceptions?
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Who leads the nfl in interceptions thrown in 2010?


What NFL team has the most interceptions for a season?

The Titans Get the most interceptions

Who is the NFL team that leads the league in merchandise sales all-time?


Which linebaker in the NFL has the most interceptions?

Baltimore LB Don Shinnick holds the record all-time record for linebackers with 37 career interceptions. Shinnick played from 1957-1969. Amongst active players, Ray Lewis leads the league with 29 career interceptions. Source: Playerfilter

What team is best defence in the nfl?

the Chicago bears because of all their interceptions

What NFL team did George Blanda play for when he threw 42 interceptions?

In 1962, George Blanda threw 42 interceptions while playing for the Houston Oilers.

What is the record for most interceptions thrown in an NFL game?


What Team leads the NFL in sacks?

The RAIDERS baby!

Who has the most career NFL interceptions?

Paul Krause with 81 career interceptions.

Who has the most interceptions in history in the nfl?

The NFL career leader in Interceptions is former Redskins/Vikings Safety Paul Krause (1964-1979). He has 81 career interceptions. He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1998.

In 2005 what NFL team did Ty Law play for?

Ty Law spent the 2005 season with the New York Jets. He was tied, with Deltha O'Neal of the Bengals, for the league lead in interceptions that season with 10.

Who has the most career interceptions for an NFL linebacker?

In the NFL through the 2010 season, that is Don Shinnick who played with the Baltimore Colts from 1957-1969 and had 37 career interceptions. He was tied for the NFL lead in interceptions in 1959 with 7.

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