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The Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Q: What NFL team is nicknamed an expensive British car?
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What NFL team is nicknamed?

Pittsburgh Steelers

What pro football team is nicknamed the Swift Airplanes?

There is no NFL team that is nicknamed the Swift Airplanes.

Which NFL team was nicknamed seven squared?

The San Francisco 49ers.

What NFL team is streakers are this?

The Chargers are the NFL team that is nicknamed and commonly called the streakers. The Chargers are a football team that belongs to the state of California.

Which city is home to an NFL team is nicknamed the Big Easy?

Tha would be New Orleans, home of the Saints.

What football team starts with the letter A?

The Arsenal, British Premier Soccer League The Atlanta Falcons, NFL Team, USA The Arizona Cardinals, NFL Team, USA

Which NFL player is nicknamed The Freak?

Jevon Kearse

Which NFL player was nicknamed Sweetness?

Walter Payton

What is the team name shared between the nfl and the CFL?

The teams that share a name between the NFL and CFL are the Detroit Lions of the NFL and the British Columbian Lions of the CFL.

Why are NFL jerseys so expensive?

They r expensive because they are from NFL teams

What is Nevada NFL team?

Nevada has never had a team in the NFL.

What is the occupation of Duece McAllister?

Dulymus Jenod McAllister used to play for an NFL team as a running back. Nicknamed 'Duece,' he participated in college football while attending Ole Miss.