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Q: What NFL team is known as the ain'ts when on a losing streak?
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What NFL team is known as the Ain'ts whenever they are on a losing streak?

The New Orleans Saints.

Which baseball team has the longest losing streak?


What was the team that broke the losing streak for the Red Sox in 2011?

the Yankees

What was the longest losing streak an NBA team had for this season?

new jersey nets

Which nhl team has the longest losing streak to start the season?

currently the Toronto maple leafs have the longest losing streak. They are 0 7 in 1 meaning the tied once and lost 7 games that is of October 25 and they may even have aq longer losing streak

Which college football team has the longest active bowl losing streak?

Northwestern Wildcats

Which team has the longest losing streak in Nebraska high school volleyball?

Falls City

What NCAA Division you basketball team has the longest losing streak in history?

towson university

What is longest college basketball away game losing streak against one team?

The longest Division I Basketball road losing streak against one team now belongs to Clemson, which has lost 49 straight at North Carolina.

What team in any division of college football currently has the longest losing streak?

Heading into the 2008 season Southern Methodist, Idaho and Minnesota share the nation's longest losing streak at 10 games.

What college football team holds the longest losing streak of all-time?

bates college

What baseball team holds the longest streak of losing seasons?

Pittsburgh pirates at 18 straight and counting