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Baltimore Ravens losers of the AFC championshitp to the #1 defense Pittsburgh

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Q: What NFL team has the number two defense?
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Can an NFL team have two players with the same number?


How does a football team score a two-point touchdown?

If a team attempts a two point conversion after scoring a touchdown and the ball is fumbled and recovered by the defense or if a pass is intercepted by the defense who then run the ball back to the other end zone the defense team will be credited with the two points. This is called a defensive conversion. Note that this rule only applies in college football. In the NFL, the defense can't score on a point-after attempt.

Why does Notre Dame have two number fives on the football team?

Because you are allowed to have one on offense and one on defense.

Do football players get to choose their football numbers?

If you are talking about American football, then yes, although in the NFL no two players on a team can have the same number, and in the NCAA no two players on a team can play in a play together if they have the same number.

Are there two NFL teams in Illinois?

The only NFL team in Illinois is the Chicago Bears.

Who was the last NFL defense to have two consecutive shutouts in the playoffs?

Chicago Bears - 1985

Can you play two positions in the NFL?

In the NFL there are very few players who play two positions. Typically, if they do it is either on offense or defense and then possibly a special teams position.

When can a team attempt a two point conversion in the NFL?

After a touchdown

What is the number of teams in NFL?

There are 32 football teams in the NFL. They are divided up into two 16-team conferences, the NFC (National Football Conference), and the AFC (American Football Conference.)

What are the two sides in basketball called?

The two sides of basketball are called offense and defense. On offense the team protects the ball and tries to convert a basket. On defense the team guards the ball and tries to stop the other team from scoring.

How many plays are in a NFL game?

As of the end of the 2013 NFL season, the average number of plays in an NFL game for each team is between 60 and 70 plays or 120-140 combined between the two (2) teams.

What NFL team won four consecutive Super Bowls?

No NFL team has ever won more than two consecutive Super Bowls.

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