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Q: What NFL team has the most sports bars?
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What NFL team has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated most often?

San Francisco 49ers

How does a team in the NFL get into the playoffs on EA sports?

They must either win their division, or have the most sacks scored in the third quarter.

Who was the most penalized nfl team in 2013?

Who was the most penalized nfl team in 2013

Where can NFL picks be found online?

nfl picks can be found on team websites the nfl website or online sports blogs it can also be found in popular sports magazines and in the sports section in popular news sources

What sports team uses a lion as its logo?

The Detroit Lions of the NFL.

What city doesn't have an NFL team?

Most cities of the world do not have a NFL team

Which NFL team is on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

It depends on which issue you're thinking of.

What is a sports team that starts with i?

The Indianapolis Colts are a professional football team in the NFL. The Indiana Pacers are a professional basketball team in the NBA.