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The Dallas Cowboys have 33 post-season wins, most in the NFL.

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2011-09-27 20:55:49
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Q: What NFL team has the most playoff wins of all time?
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What nhl team has the most playoff game wins all time?

Montreal canadiens

Which NFL team has the most playoff wins in a decade?


What NBA team has the most playoff wins?

The Los Angeles Lakers

What NFL team has the Most playoff wins last 10 years?


How many wins is required for an nba team to qualify for the playoff games?

36 wins are needed to be in playoff.

Which NFL team has the most playoff wins on the road?

I'd say the Pittsburg Steelers..:)

What NFL team has the most playoff wins in the Super Bowl era?

dallas cowboys

What team NFL had the most wins in 2004?

The Pittsburgh Steelers had the most regular season wins with 15. Including playoff wins, the New England Patriots had the most with 17.

Is it possible for an MLB team to win 12 playoff games in 1 season?

No. The most playoff wins needed for a world championship is 11.

What NFL team has had the most playoff appearances since 1970?

1. Pittsburg Steelers and Dallas tied with 26 playoff berths 2. Vikings with 24 playoff berths 3. Miami Dolphins and 49ers tied with 22 playoff berths 1. Steelers have 33 playoff wins 2. Dallas have 32 playoff wins 3. 49ers 26 playoff wins

Which team has the most wins - the Dallas Cowboys or the Oakland Raiders?

Dallas. Through the 2016 season, the Cowboys have 493 regular-season wins and 34 playoff wins for a total of 527. The Raiders have 456 regular-season wins and 25 playoff wins for a total of 481.

No team has won more playoff games in NFL history than the Dallas Cowboys How many playoff wins do the Cowboys have?

The team's playoff record is 33-25.

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