What NFL team drafted Colt McCoy?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: What NFL team drafted Colt McCoy?
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Which professional football team does colt Mccoy play for?

Colt McCoy plays for the Washington Redskins in the NFL.

Did Jordan shipley get picked by a NFL team?

yes he is on the browns with colt mccoy

How much does NFL player Colt McCoy weigh?

NFL player Colt McCoy weighs 215 pounds.

Who is the quarterback for the Browns NFL?

Colt Mccoy

Who is the NFL's best QB?

Colt McCoy

How many wins does colt mccoy have in the nfl?

Coly Mccoy Texas has 42

Who is the best qb in the nfl?

Matt Ryan

Will QB colt McCoy be good in the NFL?

Yes, he will he already is

Who does colt mccoy play football for?

He Plays College Football at The University of the Texas Longhorns. The browns

How would someone be able to get on the NFL team they want if they are not drafted?

they cant they have to be drafted to be in the nfl

Is colt mccoy in this years NFL draft?

yes,and waiting to be picked in the second round

What NFL team does Chris McCoy play for?

Chris McCoy plays for the Oakland Raiders.