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Sammie Lee Hill plays for the Tennessee Titans.

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Q: What NFL team does Sammie Lee Hill play for?
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What position does Sammie Lee Hill play?

Sammie Lee Hill plays Defensive Tackle for the Tennessee Titans.

What college did NFL player Sammie Lee Hill play for?

NFL player Sammie Lee Hill played for Stillman.

How tall is Sammie Lee Hill?

NFL player Sammie Lee Hill is 6'-04''.

What is Sammie Lee Hill's number on the Tennessee Titans?

Sammie Lee Hill is number 94 on the Tennessee Titans.

How much does NFL player Sammie Lee Hill weigh?

NFL player Sammie Lee Hill weighs 328 pounds.

How old is Sammie Lee Hill?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Sammie Lee Hill is 27 years old.

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