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Orlando Scandrick plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

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Q: What NFL team does Orlando Scandrick play for?
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What college did NFL player Orlando Scandrick play for?

NFL player Orlando Scandrick played for Boise State.

How tall is Orlando Scandrick?

NFL player Orlando Scandrick is 5'-10''.

How much does NFL player Orlando Scandrick weigh?

NFL player Orlando Scandrick weighs 195 pounds.

How old is Orlando Scandrick?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Orlando Scandrick is 27 years old.

What NFL team does Orlando Franklin play for?

Orlando Franklin plays for the Denver Broncos.

Who is the NFL team for Orlando Florida?

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What college did NFL player Orlando Franklin play for?

NFL player Orlando Franklin played for Miami (Fla.).

On TV who was the coach of an NFL expansion team called the Orlando Breakers?

Hayden fox

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What NFL team did suge knight play for?

He didn't play in the NFL he played for the collage team UNLV

What NFL team does Donald Brown play for?

Orlando Brown played for the the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns. Orlando Brown retired at the age of forty and later died soon after from complications from diabetes.

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