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The Baltimore Ravens. On his uniform, his name is spelled Oher.

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Q: What NFL team does Michael Orr play for?
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Which NFL team does Michael Orr play for?

Michael Orr currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens. (On his uniform, his name is spelled "Oher.")

What NFL team does Zach Orr play for?

Zach Orr plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

What college did NFL player Zach Orr play for?

NFL player Zach Orr played for North Texas.

What NHL team does Colton Orr play for?

Colton Orr plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What team did Bobby Orr play his last NHL game for?

Chicago Blackhawks

How much does NFL player Zach Orr weigh?

NFL player Zach Orr weighs 237 pounds.

Why is Michael orr spelled oher on his uniform?

Because his name isn't Michael Orr; it's Michael Oher.

The Michael Orr story?

It's about the Raven's Rookie Offense line player who overcame a tough childhood and made it in the NFL!

How tall is Zach Orr?

NFL player Zach Orr is 6'-01''.

How many seasons did Michael Orr play football?

Michael Oher has played for the NFL for four seasons so far, from 2009-2012. Before that he played for the University of Mississippi for four seasons. He is currently still on the Baltimore Ravens roster as an offensive tackle.

How old is Zach Orr?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Zach Orr is -- years old.

How long did Bobby Orr play?

Orr was on NHL rosters for 13 years.

Does Bobby Orr's sons play hockey and where?

yes they do! they play travel team!!! bobby played for the Boston bruins!!!!! i only new that cuz my dad play nhl

Where did Bobby Orr play?


Did Bobby Orr play Football?


What position does Zach Orr play?

Zach Orr plays Line Back for the Baltimore Ravens.

What position did Bobby Orr play?


What was the last team that bobby orr played for?

The last team Bobby Orr played for was the Chigaco Blackhawks in the 76-77 season and the 77-78 season

What was NFL player Shantee Orr career earnings?

According to USA Today, Orr's total salary was $2.7 million during his 6 season NFL career with his best season at $854,800 for the Texans in 2007.

What position does Colton Orr play?

Colton Orr plays right wing for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Did Bobby Orr ever play with Wayne Gretzky?


How many years did Bobby Orr play for the bruins?

Bobby Orr played 10 seasons with the Boston Bruins.

Why is Michael orr name spelled oher on his uniform?

Because that is how his name is spelled

What is the value of a framed Boston Bruins jersey that is signed by Bobby Orr?

== == If it was a ORR game jersey, with a authenticated Boby Orr signature, it would be worth a minimum of $500. If it is JUST a Bruins team jersey, with out the ORR name or number .........about $100.

Who influenced Bobby Orr to make him play hockey?

His Father.