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Giants stadium has the second most seating capacity

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Q: What NFL stadium has the second largest seating capacity?
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How many seats in new meadowland stadium?

The New Meadowlands Stadium has seating for 82,566 fans, including 10,005 club seats and approximately 218 luxury suites, making it the second largest NFL stadium in total seating behind FedEX Field. Lower Bowl 33,34 Mezzanine Bowl 21,323 Upper Bowl 27,897

Is the Eden Garden largest seating capacity cricket statium?

Yes Eden Gardens has the largest seating capacity at just over 100,000. Unofficial figures claim that extra people are allowed in during popular matches taking the total to 120,000. MCG has the second highest capacity at 95,000.

What is the seating capacity of an Escalade ESV?

The seating capacity of any Escalade ESV is for eight. Two in front, three in second row and three in third row.

What major league Baseball stadium has the largest seating capacity?

The Kansas City Royals Jumbotron is currently the largest in professional sports at 84 feet wide and 105 feet tall, The Arizona Diamondbacks Jumbotron is the second largest. It is 144 feet wide and 55 feet tall. Both of these will soon take a back seat to the jumbotron at Cowboys Stadium when it opens in 2009, it will be 160 feet wide and 72 feet tall.

How many seasons was Michigan stadium second in capacity to beaver stadium?


Where is the second largest cricket stadium in Asia?

Mumbai DY Patil Stadium

Where is the biggest football stadium?

The biggest football stadium is Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea. It fits 150,000 people and is used for football and dance performances. The second largest (by capacity) is Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata, India, which fits 120,000 people and is used for football and track. The third largest is Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania, home to the Penn State Nittany Lions. Its capacity is 107,282.

Which monument has second largest dome in the world?

The Oita Stadium in Japan is the second largest dome in the world.

Largest football stadium?

Rungrado May Day Stadium. It can hold 150,000 people. It is in North Korea Pyongyang.

What is the name of the largest football stadium in the world?

The largest football stadium in the world is the Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang North Korea. It holds 150 000 spectators. The second largest is the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata which holds 120 000.

What are the largest commercial airplanes in the world?

In seating and fuselage terms, the Airbus A380 is the largest plane. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is second.

What football stadium is the biggest in the world?

The biggest hockey stadium is Thunderdome owned by the Tampa Bay Lightning it only lasted to 1993-1996 holding 28,183 people. The current most biggest hockey stadium belongs to the Motreal Canadiens Bell Centre Arena holding 21,273 people.