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Q: What NFL quarterback has played in most different stadiums?
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What player has played in the most baseball stadiums?

Jamie Moyer has the most for active players at 48 stadiums

What state has the most super bowls played in there stadiums?


Cricketer who played in most number of stadiums?

sachin ramesh tendulkar

What quarterback played in most super bowls?

John elway

What NFL quarterback has played the most games?

Fran tarkenton

What starting quarterback has played in the most games consecutively?

Brett Favre

What quarterback has completed passes to most different receivers?

Dan marino

Which state has the most stadiums?


What are the most popular stadiums in the US?

the biggest NFL stadiums are the dallas cowboys and the Houston Texans.

Which country has most cricket stadium?

It's India with most stadiums in cricket. It has 8 stadiums (all the IPL teams have stadium)

Which quarterback played in the most super bowls?

John Elway and Tom Brady (5).

What NFL quarterback has started a game the most different teams?

Chris Chandler with eight.

How many people do nfl stadiums hold?

Capacity varies - most stadiums hold 66,000 to 70,000.

BYU National Champion player Quarterback?

Robbie Bosco was the quarterback for most of the season. Blaine Fowler was the back-up and he played a bit that season.

Which NFL player has played in the most NFL stadiums?

Brett Farve. he's so old hes been everywhere

What country has the most rugby stadiums?

new zeland

What do most stadiums look like?


What player hit the most home runs in more stadiums?

Sammy Sosa holds the MLB record for home runs in the most different stadiums, having hit dingers in 45 ballparks, the latest of which came on May 17, 2007, off Casey Fossum of the Devil Rays at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, where the Rays played one series against the Rangers.

What quarterback played the most years?

I think Vinny Testaverde he was in the NFL for 21 years

What quarterback was sacked the most times by the Kansas City Chiefs?

John Elway who played for the Denver Broncos.

Most winning quarterback?

The most winningest quarterback in the NFL is Brett Favre with 186 wins

Which Quarterback with most interceptions in 2008?

The quarterback that has the most interceptions is Brett Favre, he has 22 interceptions

Who was the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for most of the 1970S?

Roger Staubach played 125 games at quarterback for the Cowboys during the 1970s and led them to two Super Bowl victories.

How tall are most football stadiums?

200 acre feet

Who has hit home runs in the most stadiums?

Sammy Sosa

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