What NFL player wears the number 85?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Nick Buoniconti, LB, Patriots

Jack Youngblood, DE, Rams

Rayfield Wright, RT, Cowboys


Nick Buoniconti, Linebacker, New England Patriots

Jack Youngblood, Defensive End, St. LouisRams

Rayfield Wright, Right Tackle, Dallas Cowboys


Chad Johnson WR, New England Patriots

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As of 2010 Season, the following players wear 85:

Chad Ochocinco - Bengals

Pierre Garcon - Colts

Aaron Hernandez - Patriots

Derrick Mason - Ravens

David Johnson - Steelers

Joel Dreesson - Texans

Nate Washington - Titans

Jake O'Connel - Chiefs

Darrius Heyward-Bey - Raiders

Antonio Gates - Chargers

Kevin Ogletree - Cowboys

Tony Cheffler - Lions

Greg Jennings - Packers

Greg Camarillo - Vikings

David Thomas - Saints

Maurice Stovall - Bucaneers

Vernon Davis - 49ers

Anthony McCoy - Seahawks

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I know that Nathan Hodel Long Snapper of the New England Patriots wears it.

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Chad Ocho-Cinco

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Q: What NFL player wears the number 85?
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