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Q: What NFL football team won super bowl lll?
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What football team won a Super Bowl 86 to 0?

There has been no NFL team to win the Super Bowl with 86-0 being the final score.

What NFL football team won the 2000 Super Bowl?

St. Louis Rams

Who was the first nfl football team to win a Super Bowl?

The Green Bay Packers won what were retrospectively named Super Bowl I and II, but then they were named the NFL-AFL championship game. The NY Jets were the first team to win a Super Bowl when it was called the Super Bowl.

Which Super Bowl team is in the NFL?

the saintsANSWER:All of them. The Super Bowl is the NFL's championship game.

What NFL football team have more super bowl wins?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowl titles. They have won six Lombardy Trophies.

Which conferences play in the Super Bowl?

A team from the AFC (American Football Conference) and the NFC (National Football Conference) play against each other in the Super Bowl. They are the only two conferences in the NFL.

What NFL team has lost the Super Bowl seven times?

No National Football League team has ever lost the Super Bowl seven times. The record for most Super Bowl losses is five, held by the Denver Broncos. They have won twice.

Which sport is the Super Bowl associated with?

NFL Football

Did Alabama ever go to the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is for professional football, the NFL only.

What NFL team won a Super Bowl at home?

No team has ever played a home field super bowl.

Football team to win us championship in 1994?

The Dallas Cowboys won the NFL Super Bowl Championship in 1994

What NFL football team has won the super bowl back to back 2 different times?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, the only team to do that is the Pittsburgh Steelers who won Super Bowls IX and X and then won XIII and XIV.