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what are the mascot names for the nfl teams?

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Q: What NFL football team has their mascot named after a war horse?
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What is the name of a football team with a horse mascot?

The Broncos

Which college football team has a horse on it?

Well, with USC a trojan horse is there mascot, but if there was a team with a horse on there helmet it would be SMU.

What is the mascot of the Tennessee Titans football team?

The Tennessee Titans are a popular American football team that is a part of the National Football League (NFL). The mascot of the Titans is a raccoon named T-Rac.

Who was Seattle's football team named after?

I have heard that the Seattle Seahawks had been named after the actual seahawk. The Seahawks are the ONLY National Football League team in the entire nation to have a live mascot!

Mascot of Michigan football team?

Michigan's mascot is the wolverine.

What sports team has a mascot named Who Dey?

The sports team with the mascot name Who Dey is the National Football League team the Cincinnati Bengals. He entertains the fans during games at Paul Brown Stadium.

What is the Huston football team mascot?


What team has a mascot named roary?


Why is the team from Detroit named the pistons?

Detroit is well known for car manufacturing. The Pistons are named after the engine part. Their mascot is a horse because of the term "horse power" the measurement of how powerful an engine is.

What is the mascot of Chicago's NFL football team?


Do you have a picture of the elephant mascot for the Alabama football team?


What is the Minnesota's Football teams mascot?

The Minnesota's football team's mascot is the Viking. They are known as the Minnesota Vikings. Their team color is purple and the mascot looks like a bearded man with a hat with horns on it.

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