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what does WR stand for in NFL?

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Q: What NFL WR has the most touchdowns in a year?
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Which NFL quarterback and receiver combination have the most touchdowns?

The Peyton Manning - Marvin Harrison connection holds the NFL record in receiving touchdowns between a QB and WR with 110 td's, thru week three of the NFL season.

Who leads the NFL in all time touchdowns?

Jerry Rice (former WR for the SF 49ers).

What NFL player holds the record for the most individual touchdowns?

among all players the answer is Brett Farve. WR: Jerry Rice RB: Emmit Smith

Who has made the most touchdowns ever for the patriots?

WR Stanley Morgan (1977-1989) with 68.

Most career touchdowns?

qb joe montana hb emmet smith wr jerry rice

Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

the best WR in the NFL today is "Blow Me" hahahahahaha smd bitches. :/

Which packer made most touchdowns in current season?

In the 2010 season, that was WR Greg Jennings with 12 regular season TDs.

What is the most well paying job?

Doctor- around 100-9000 a year NFL player- QB- 1 million RB- 1 million WR-9000 a year

Is Jason Witten the best tight end in NFL football?

Any answer to this question is base. There is no best tight end. The Best Tight Ends are currently: Gonzalez Clark Witten Davis <----- most touchdowns this season by WR or TE so far.

Is mike Wallace fastest in NFL?

he is the fastest WR in the nfl

What quarterbacks threw touchdowns in the Super Bowl and who did they throw it to?

manning (qb) to Wayne (wr)

Who holds the NFL record for the most touchdowns in a regular season?

For QB: Peyton Manning with 55 TD's when he was in Denver in 2013. For RB: LaDainian Tomlinson with 28 TD's when he was in San Diego in 2006. For WR: Randy Moss with 23 TD's when he was in New England in 2007.

Who is the shortest WR in the NFL?

Larry Fitz

What is WR mean in NFL?

wide receiver

Will juilo Jones go to the NFL?

Julio Jones is rated at the second best NFL Prospect at the WR position behind WR A.J. Green.

In what year did WR Cliff Branch go to the Oakland Raiders?

WR Cliff Branch was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the 4th round as the 98th overall pick of the 1972 NFL Draft.

What NFL WR has the least receptions?

as of 2008 start, the cowboys WR 3 year veteran entering the season had only 7 REC. and had o TD's (remember this does not count for the rookies trying to make the team)

What is the average height of a NFL WR?

After taking all the NFL's top 3 WR - the avg Height is 6'4" tall.

Who was the NFL rookie of the year in 1985?

NFL Rookie of the Year awards are given to an offensive player and a defensive player. In 1985, WR Eddie Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals was the offensive rookie of the year and LB Duane Bickett of the Indianapolis Colts was the defensive rookie of the year.

Who is the best football player in the NFL?

Jerry Rice best WR and best NFL player yet

What is Chad Johnson's speed?

4.27 the 3rd WR fastest in the nfl

What college did NFL WR Peerless Price attend?

University of Tennessee

Who wears jersey number 11 in the NFL?

Larry Fitzgerald WR Arizona.

Who are some famous people that live in Delaware?

Hank Baskett NFL WR.

Is mike Wallace the fastest wr in the nfl?

yes and desean Jackson is the 2nd