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49ers i think 49ers i think

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Q: What NFC team has been in the most NFC championship game and lost?
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Which NFL team has lost the most championship games?

Chicago bears From 1933, when the first NFL championship game was played, to 2008, when Super Bowl XLII was played, the team that has lost the most NFL championship games is the New York Giants who have lost 11 NFL championship games (pre Super Bowl) and 1 Super Bowl for a total of 12.

What year did Indiana University most recently play in the NCAA championship game?

As of the 2008 season, the last time Indiana was in the championship game was the 2002 March Madness. They lost to Maryland 64-52.

Which player holds the record for most passing touchdowns in a championship game?

Dan Marino holds the record for most passing touchdowns in a championship game

What team lost the most AFC championship games?

Oakalnd Raiders

Which team has had the most appearances in the Big12 Championship game?

Oklahoma Sooners

Which team won championship with the most lost ncaa men college basketball?

Indiana 1981

What state's team has the most appearances in the NFL championship game?

The state's team that has the most appearances in a NFL Championship game/Superbowl is New York. New York has 24 appearences. The Giants have 18 appearences, losing 12 and winning 6. The Jets have 2, winning one and losing the other. The Bills were in the Super Bowl four straight times and lost all of them! Second most has 16, Wisconsin. They only have 1 team, Green Bay Packers. Green Bay has one 12 Championships/Superbowls (9 championships, 3 superbowls), and lost 6. Finally, third is Illinois. Chicago has been in it 15 times. They won 9 times and lost 6, the same as Green Bay.

Is there going to be an county championship video game?

There probably won't be a video game entirely devoted to the County Championship because most modern cricket video games already caome with a County Championship playing mode.

What is the point spread for NFL championship game with vikings vs. saints?

24 hours before the NFC championship game, the spread from most agencies is New Orleans by 3.5.

What individual has been on the most championship teams?

It was Green Bay .......

What conference has the most ncaa basketball championship game appearances?

the pac-10

Which Bowl Game has hosted the Most National Championship Games?

Rose Bowl