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In 2007, LSU were the BCS National Champions in NCAA Division I FBS football for that respective season. In Basketball, Florida won the Final Four for the championship. Oregon State won the College World Series.

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Q: What NCAA teams won in 2007?
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Which ncaa fbs football teams have won at least 10 games each year since 2007?

Virginia Tech

How many NCAA division 1A college football teams are there?

As of the 2007 season, there are 119 Division 1A teams in the NCAA.

What teams have won fourteen games in NCAA football?


What teams have won two NCAA basketball titles?


Which teams have never won an NCAA tournament game?


What team won the NCAA in 2007?


What teams did not make the NCAA tournament after winning the tournament in the previous year?

Michigan State did not make the NCAA tournament in 1980 after winning the championship in 1979. Florida did not make the NCAA tournament in 2008 after winning the 2007 championship. North Carolina won the NCAA tournament in 2009 and will not make the tournament in 2010.

What teams in the ncaa basketball won the last 10 years?

It is kansas.

Which teams have won ncaa championships in football basketball and baseball?


What teams have won NCAA basketball championships?

UCLA with 11 championships

How many teams have never won a game in the NCAA tournament?


What teams won in 2008 the March Madness NCAA Tournament?


Who won the 2007 March Madness?

Florida won the 2007 NCAA division 1 national championship.

How many teams played in the 1939 basketball tournament?

A total of 8 teams played in the 1939 NCAA basketball tournament. Oregon won the NCAA national championship that year.

How many NCAA championships has Georgia tech won?

The NCAA does not award football championships. Georgia Tech has won one NCAA team championship: women's tennis, 2007.

All teams that have won the NCAA mens basketball tournament?

Click the link:

You would like a list of the NCAA football teams all time won loss records?

Click on the 'Division 1-A Teams' and 'Division 1-AA Teams' links on this page to see all time win loss records as of the start of the 2007 season.

How many NCAA men teams have won 1000 basketball games?

I don't think any of them have won 1000

How many time has Florida won the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Florida has won the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament twice, in 2006 & 2007.

What teams have the most NCAA tournament championships?

UCLA has won the most NCAA tournament championships having won 11. University of Kentucky is second on the list with 8 wins in the tournament.

Which team won the women's 2007 NCAA championship?


Who won the NCAA Basketball Championchip in 2007?

The Florida Gators

Who won the NCAA college football championship in 2007?


Who won the 2007 mens NCAA college championship?


Name all the ncaa football teams never won a national championship?