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Georgia Tech and Colorado in football. I think in 1991

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Q: What NCAA teams shared the national championship title?
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When was the last time two teams won the national college football championship?

In 1997 Nebraska and Michigan shared the title.

What colleges shared the National Championship football title in January 1933?

The colleges that shared the national Championship football title in January 1933 are Princeton and Michigan. There was a lot happening in that time of frames.

How many national championship wins does auburn have?

They have 1 title that is shared with another team.

Which coach have the championship title in the NCAA?

No coach has the championship title as there is no championship for coaches. The championship is for teams.

Which colleges shared the national championship football title in January 1933?

The two colleges that shared the national championship football title in January of 1933 was Princeton and Michigan. Since 2014, Princeton has was 28 championships and Michigan has won 16 championships.

Has there ever been a shared bcs national champion?

No, the BCS is decided by a single game, the winner is the champion. However, there has been a shared National Championship since the BCS began. LSU won the BCS national title game in 2003, but the AP granted the National Championship to USC.

When was the last time two NCAA football teams from the same state won national championships back to back?

1938 and 1939 - State of Texas TCU shared the national title in 1938 with Tennessee and Notre Dame Texas A&M shared the national title in 1939 with Cornell and USC

Does the NFL award a trophy to teams that win a division championship?

no its a title

When did the university of Alabama last win a national championship title?

The last time Alabama won a National Championship title was 2009. It was the BCS National Championship VS. #2 Texas. The score was 37-21.

When was the last time two undefeated teams played against each other in the college football championship game?

For the 2008 National title game

What teams have won more than one championship title in March madness?


How do the playoffs work?

there are eight teams play for division title then the championship then the Stanley cup

Do student managers of college teams get championship rings if they win a national title?

I know of a student trainer for Alabama during Bear Bryant's day and I believe that he received one.

What is the best college football team that has not won a championship?

Virginia Tech or West Virginia. Both are at the top of teams without a title in total wins. Virginia Tech has played for a national championship, but lost. West Virginia came within one game of playing for the title, but was upset by Pittsburgh.

Who wonthe title and female 59th seniour national besteball championship 2009 held at surat?

Type your answer here... who wonthe title and female 59th seniour national besteball championship 2009 held at surat?

Do MLB NBA and NFL teams get anything else besides a trophy championship rings and national recognition for winning their respective league title games?

Yes, they also receive money.

How many national football titles has UCLA won?

One shared National Title in 1954...with Ohio State.

Which NCAA team has won the 2004 national championship?

the title was vacated so no one

What is a good title for the national championship game in a story?

Games are usually called things like "The National Championship" so just call it that. You could call it "The ____ National Championship" if you want to include the name of the country or area where the game is held.

Who did Georgia Southern beat in 1990?

For the National Championship, Georgia Southern beat Nevada 36-13 for their 4th Championship Title.

Has Syracuse football ever win the big east championship?

Twice. In 1997 and 1998. They also shared the title in 2004.

What are the 5 bcs championship games?

the orange, rose, sugar, fiesta, and the national title game.

Who did lsu play in 1958 for the national championship in football?

LSU didn't play in the national championship they played Climson in the Suger Bowl, but do to LSU being number 1 they were awarded the title with Iowa

How many NCAA football National Championships has Auburn University won?

Two. Although Auburn has been awarded some form of "National Champions" title nine times, it has only one two official titles:1. 1957 (shared title from the Associated Press)2. 2011 (BCS Championship)The Auburn Football Media Guide, produced by the Auburn University Athletic Department, lists the 1913, 1983, 1993, and 2004 seasons as national championship seasons.

How many national championships has UCLA won?

They shared a title in 1954, based on some of the end-of-the-season polls. UCLA was voted the National Champion by Dunkel, Football Research, FW, Helms, Litkenhous, National Championship Foundation and the UPI. ...but... Ohio State was voted the National Champion in 1954 by the AP, Berryman, Billingsley, Boand, DeVold, Football Research, Helms, INS, National Championship Foundation, Poling, Sagarin, Sagarin (ELO-Chess), and Williamson.