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The University of Houston and the University of Illinois have both been in the Final Four 5 times. Neither of them have won a championship.

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2014-11-20 04:55:27
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Q: What NCAA Men's basketball team has been to the most final fours without winning a championship?
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What school has been in the most Final Fours without winning a championship?

UConn Huskies women

When did Dublin last win the Leinster final?

Dublin's last winning of the Leinster Senior Football Championship was in 2014. Dublin's last winning of the Leinster Senior Hurling Championship was in 2013.

Has USC ever won a college basketball national championship?

No. USC has been to two Final Fours (1940, 1954) but has not won the championship.

When was Texas in the ncaa basketball final four?

The University of Texas has made the Final Four three times: 2003, 1947, 1943 They have yet to win the national championship in Division I basketball.

What was the final score of ncaa basketball game in 2011?

The final score of the final game in the 2011 NCAA championship game was:Connecticut 53 Butler 41

What was the final score of the 1939 NCAA basketball championship?

Oregon defeated Ohio State 46-33

How many times has Texas made to final four and won basketball championship?

3 in 1943,1947,and 2003

What day is the 2010 NCAA basketball championship?

The NCAA Semifinals are on April 3 and the Final is on April 5 in Indianapolis

Where can i find a DVD of the final 4 men's NCAA college basketball div 1 championship games?

in the liebary

Who did you of K play in 1998 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship?

Kentucky beat Utah in the 1998 NCAA final.

Does each winning team member in a basketball final get a medal?

Yes! And not only the team members but the coaches, too.

Did penn state ever win the national championship in basketball?

Penn State never won the national championship but they've made the final four several times.

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