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The "active" consecutive bowl game leader is Michigan, with 31 and counting.

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Q: What NCAA Division One school has attended the most consecutive bowl games?
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Which school has won the most consecutive games won in NCAA ever?


How many consecutive games did Jerry Lucas win throughout his career in grade school junior high school and high school?

From grade school through high school, Jerry Lucas won 151 consecutive games until he lost the final high school game of his career.

Who was the coach for the division III school mount union in Ohio that had the most consective wins in NCAA?

Larry Kehres. Mount Union won 55 consecutive football games between the 1st game of the 2000 season and the Division III championship game in 2003.

How many consecutive games are there in NBA playoffs?

there are 7 consecutive games in the playoffs.

Which team has the most consecutive wins in ncaa football?

Michigan has the most wins in Division I-A college football. From 1907 to 1917, Washington football teams were unbeaten in 63 consecutive games, fielding 1930 points, and allowing only 118, still an NCAA Division I-A record

What is the difference between consecutive games played and consecutive games started?

Consecutive games played means that at any point in the game you came in. Consecutive games started means you were part of the first team that started the game.

Most consecutive losses in ncaa football?

The most consecutive losses in NCAA football in Division 1 (FBS) belongs to the Northwestern Wildcats. They lost a total of 34 games in a row between 1979 and 1982.

What high school has won the most consecutive state championships in football nationwide?

Shattuck oklahoma has won from 2004-2010 at 96 consecutive games of football won

Which NCAA football team has the most consecutive wins?

Division III school Mount Union in Ohio holds the NCAA record for consecutive wins with 55 between 2000-2003. The Division I record is held by the University of Oklahoma who won 47 straight games between 1953-1957. Michigan has 41 consecutive wins. As of October 18, 2007 the Division II record is held jointly by Hillsdale of Michigan and Grand Valley State of Michigan at 34 games. The Grand Valley streak is current and they can gain hold of the all time record with a victory over Northwood on October 20, 2007.

What goalie has the most consecutive games played in NHL?

Glenn Hall 502 consecutive games.

Who are the five baseball players who played the most consecutive games and how many consecutive games each player played?

Check out the 'Consecutive Games Played Streaks' link on this page to see the 15 longest consecutive games played streaks in MLB history.

Which 10 division 1A college football teams have won the most bowl games?

I am not interested in which teams have won the most bowl games, what I want to know are the top 10 colleges that have ATTENDED bowl games.

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