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I am a student at Michigan State and the defensive players get small "s" stickers. It's only the defensive players though. I'm pretty sure Ohio State does. I think Michigan used to in the 80's. Florida State has tomahawk stickers. NC State wolfpack has paw print stickers. Oklahoma State - a cowboy Ohio State - a buckeye leaf Lousiville - a cardinal head Pitt - a tooth Florida State - a thomahawk Missouri - tiger paw Arizona - wildcat paw Hawaii - diamond North Carolina -tarheel logo There are many more that I can't remember. Oklahoma State and Arizona no longer do it and I don't think Missouri does it anymore either. Gerioga does a dog bone. Clemson does a paw. I believe BYU and Vandy have just started using pride stickers. Prude and E. Carolina also do it.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-02 03:11:34
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Q: What NCAA Division I-A teams have helmet stickers?
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