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Q: What NBA team was Gilbert Arenas originally drafted by?
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What team drafted Gilbert arenas?

Golden State Warriors

Why Gilbert arenas doesn't play for US olympic team?

Arenas tried out for the team but was among the final cuts.

Should i pick up Gilbert Arenas or Monta Ellis for my fantasy basketball team?

Monta Ellis because of the injury history of Arenas.

Which team originally drafted Jonathan vilma?


What NBA team originally drafted Michael Jordan?

Chicago Bulls

What team was ilya kovalchuk originally on?

Kovalchuk was drafted by and has always played for the Atlanta Thrashers.

Who drafted Nick swisher originally?

The Oakland Athletics were the team that drafted Nick Swisher, they drafted him with their first round pick in the 2002 June draft but it was the 16th overall pick.

What NFL team does Javier Arenas play for?

Javier Arenas plays for the Atlanta Falcons.

Was Plaxico Burress ever on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Yes. Plaxico Burress was originally drafted by the Steelers and played for the team from 2000-2004.

What team originally drafted Warrick Dunn?

Warrick Dunn was a 1st round choice of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1997 NFL Draft.

Who has the best fantasy bball team Max LeBron Chris Paul Josh Smith Paul Pierce Chris Bosh Gilbert Areneas or Sahil AI Gay Gerald W Harris or Joe Duncan Brand David West Igudala Joe Johnson Crawford?

Obviously Max has the better team with Lebron, Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, Gilbert Arenas, and Chris Bosh.

Which team drafted kalin lucas?

Kalin Lucas was not drafted