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The 1996 Chicago Bulls won a total of 49 games at home including an undefeated run during the playoffs.

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Q: What NBA team has the most home wins in a season including playoffs?
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How many games are in a WNBA season?

There are 34 games in a WNBA season, not including playoffs. The most there could possible be in a season, including playoffs, would be 43.

How many games are there in regular season baseball and playoffs including the world series?

The most games played in one season including playoffs are179. ( Not including Spring Training )

Most wins in NFL?

Chicago Bears, as of start of 2011 season, 704 Regular Season wins, 721 including Playoffs. Green Bay Packers are second with 664 Regular Season wins, 693 including Playoffs. NY Giants are third with 636 Regular Season wins, 656 including Playoffs. Pittsburg Steelers are fourth with 546 Regular Season wins, 579 including Playoffs. source: NFL

What major league baseball team has the most wins in a season including playoffs?

The 1998 New York Yankees with 125 wins ... 114 in the regular season and 11 in the playoffs.

What running back had the most rushing yards in a season in the NFL including the playoffs?

jamal anderson

Nba team most wins in a season including playoffs?

Pretty sure this is the correct answer. 72-10 regular season 15-3 playoffs leading to a championship 87-13 overall I would assume this is correct because the Bulls hold the regular season record for wins in a season. Adding to this the most wins possible in the playoffs at that time and I believe this is correct.

Which NBA team played the most games in one season including playoffs?

the New York Knicks

What is the most wins in an NFL season?

Including playoffs, it is 18 by the 1984 San Francisco 49ers, the 1985 Chicago Bears, and the 2007 New England Patriots. Not including playoffs, it is 16 by the 2007 New England Patriots.

Who wins most games in MLB single season including playoffs?

The new york yankees, 1998 with 114 regular season wins and 11 post season wins for a total of 125 wins!!

What team has the most NFL playoff road wins in a single season?

The Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2005 season playoffs, the New England Patriots in 1985 season playoffs, and the New York Giants in the 2007 season playoffs.

What is the record for most total wins in a season including playoffs for an NBA team that did not win the championship?

I'm not positive, but this year's Cavs have to be close with 76.

Who won the most total nfl games in a row - including playoffs?

The patriots won 21 from 03-04 and in 2007 won 18 in 1 season.

What are the most games won by the n Yankees in one season?

The 1998 Yankees won a then-record 114 games in the regular season. Including the playoffs, the team won a major-league record 125 games.

Which defenseman scored the most goals in a season?

Paul Coffey holds the record for most goals scored by a defenseman in both the regular season and playoffs: 1985-86 regular season: 48 goals 1985 playoffs: 12 goals

How many basketball games are played in a full season of the NBA?

In an NBA regular season, 82 games are played. Playoff games add to 16 teams season, so the most games a team could possibly have in a season including playoffs would be 110 games.

What nba team has the most sweeps in playoffs?

In the 2009 season, the Cleveland Cavaliers had 2 sweeps inthe playoffs.

Which team has the most wins in one season in the NFL?

Including playoffs (16 game season): 1984 San Francisco 49ers 18-1 1985 Chicago Bears 18-1 2007 New England Patriots 18-1 Including playoffs (14 game season): 1972 Miami Dolphins 17-0 * (only undefeated team in NFL history) 13 game season: 1934 Chicago Bears 13-0 (lost in championship) 11 game season: 1942 Chicago Bears 11-0 (lost in championship) Not including playoffs (16 game season): 2007 New England Patriots 16-0 (18-1, lost in Super Bowl) (14 game season): 1972 Miami Dolphins 14-0 (17-0, won Super Bowl)

Which year did the Dallas Cowboys have the most wins?

The Dallas Cowboys have won 13 regular season games twice -- in 1992 and 2007. The most overall games won by the team -- including playoffs -- was 16 by the 1992 Super Bowl champions.

What NFL team has most wins?

dallas Highest Winning Percentage for Regular Season: Chicago Bears 1920-2011 Highest Winning Percentage for Post Season: Green Bay Packers 1970-2011 Most Games Won (regular season only): Chicago Bears 1919-2011 Most Games Won (including playoffs): Chicago Bears 1919-2011 Most Games Won (regular season only): Pittsburgh Steelers: 1970-present Most Games Won (including playoffs): Pittsburgh Steelers 1970-present Most Consecutive Games Won (including playoffs): New England Patriots 2003-2004 Most Consecutive Games Won (regular season only): Indianapolis Colts 2008-2009 Most Consecutive Games Without Defeat: Canton Bulldogs 1921-1923 Most Games Won, Regular Season: New England Patriots, 2007 Most Consecutive Winning Seasons: Dallas Cowboys 1966-1985 Most Consecutive Home Games Won: New England Patriots 2008-2011 Most Consecutive Home Games Won (including playoffs): Miami Dolphins 1971-1974 Most Consecutive Home Games Without Defeat: Green Bay Packers 1928-1933 Most Consecutive Road Games Won: San Francisco 49ers 1988-1990 Most Consecutive Road Games Without Defeat: San Francisco 49ers 1988-1990 Most Shutout Games Won or Tied, Season: Pottsville Maroons: 1926 Most Consecutive Shutout Games Won or Tied: Akron Pros, 1920-1921 Most Total Wins Over 2 Consecutive Seasons: New England Patriots 2003-2004 Most Total Wins Over 3 Consecutive Seasons: Denver Broncos 1996-1998

What is the record for the most consecutive years the Pittsburgh Steelers appeared in the playoffs?

Through the 2008 season, the Steelers longest streak of seasons in the playoffs is 8 (1972-1979). They had a 6 season streak between 1992-1997.

When was the last time the San Diego Chargers made the playoffs?

The San Diego Chargers most recently made the playoffs during the 2013-2014 season. They advanced to the Divisional Playoffs, but lost to the Denver Broncos.

What NFL team has the most wins including playoffs since the start of the NFL?

Chicago Bears 702 wins, only team with 700 or more combined Seasons and Post Season wins since the creation of the NFL.

Wayne Gretzkys NHL records?

most goals, most assists, most points, most points in a season, most goals in a season, most goals in a season, most points in the playoffs, most points in one playoff year, and about 40 or more other NHL records.

Which Celtics coach had the most wins?

Red Auerbach had 1037 wins including playoffs.

Did the Washington Redskins ever play a playoff game at home?

MANY, including their most recent game against Seattle after the 2012 season.