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Q: What NBA team has the best playoff winning record?
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What NFL team has the best playoff record?

denver broncos... XD

Which team has the best Playoff record for the NHL?

St. Louis Blues

Which team makes the playoff The team with the best overall record or the team with the best division record?

The team with the best overall record wins the division. Division records only come into play for determining tiebreakers.

Why are football teams called seeds?

For playoff purposes. The team in a conference with the best overall record is the No. 1. A playoff team with the weakest overall conference record is the No. 6 seed.

What NFL team has the best home winning record?

green bay oackers

What mlb team has the best winning record against the Yankees since 1964?

the angels

Which NHL team has the highest playoff winning percentage alltime?

edmonton oilers

What is the best baket ball team?

You cannot tell the best team, but the teams with the best records are generally more capable of winning than a team with a lesser record.

How does the wildcard work?

The team that wins the wildcard is the team that is not winning there division (ex: AL east. AFC south) but they have the best record of any team that's not winning their division

No team has won more playoff games in NFL history than the Dallas Cowboys How many playoff wins do the Cowboys have?

The team's playoff record is 33-25.

Which NFL team has the highest playoff winning percentage?

Carolina Panthers, 6-3 for a .667 winning percentage.

What is the most playoff games needed by a team to win the Stanley cup?

In order to win the Cup, a team has to play four rounds of playoff hockey, each round a best-of-seven. The winning team must win 16 games. If each round went all seven games, the winning team would have to play 28 games.

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