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Q: What NBA team has had the best record going into the NBA finals?
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Who will host the NBA finals?

the team which had a better regular season record

What team is going to win NBA finals?

Grizzlies or Heat

Which foot ball team is the best?

The team that has the best record or has the best season record.

Which team is going to win NBA finals 2013?

Miami Heat

What team is going to win the nba finals 2010?

lakers will win it

Who is the best baskitball team?

~LA LAKERS~ They are in the finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D

What determines home court advantage in the NBA final game series?

The team with the best regular season record gets the home court advantage in the finals.

Which team has the best record in baseball?

The best team in baseball with a record was the 2001 Mariners

Does the team with the best record in baseball pick their opponent in the playoffs?

In each league, the team with the best record normally plays the Wild Card team. The exception is that if the team with the best record and the Wild Card team are from the same division, then the team with the best record plays the division winner with the worst record.

What team with most NBA finals appearances?

The Minneapolis/ Los Angeles Lakers have been to the NBA Finals a record 31 times, winning 16 times.

Who was last canadian team to play for stanley cup?

The last Canadian team in the finals were the Ottawa Senators in 2007. They lost. The Vancouver Canucks are going to the finals this year (2011).

Who has home court in the NBA Finals if the teams have the same record?

The team that won the regular season series.

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