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For the 2007-08 regular season, that was the Detroit Pistons at 22,076 fans per home game. The Chicago Bulls were second at 21,987.

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Q: What NBA team averages the most fans at each game?
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What was the most fans at a baseball game?

53,000 fans

Which college football team has the most fans?

That is debatable. Michigan has had the most fans in a stadium in a game, and there are fans growing everyday.

What is the record for most fans at an NFL game?

This was set last night at the Dallas- NY Giants Sunday night game- 105,221 fans.

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The attendance for game 6 of the 2009 World Series was 50,315 but, I cannot tell you how many Yankees Fans were there. I'm sure most.

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The average cost for a Chicago Cubs hat at a game on Wrigley Field are 20 US dollars. Chicago Cubs fans are remarkable for being some of the most simultaneously resigned yet optimistic fans in the game.

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The most inning in an mlb baseball game was 17 innings in 1956. It was the chicago white sox vs the new york yankees. Most of the fans had left the game and were allowed back in after a couple hours

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Fans at a baseball game can enjoy the game more by paying attention to the pitcher, hitter and catcher. The "battery" is where most of the game's activity takes place. It's also a good idea if a person is a real fan to keep a boxscore that comes along with the game's roster magazine. This puts the fan in the same position as a baseball writer. Each game's results are best represented in the same boxscore that is published in the following day's sports section.Extra fun at a game are hotdogs, peanuts and beer. All over priced.

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im thinking it was Ralph Wilson stadium in orchard park, ny but not to sure

Politics as a game of power?

the game itself was for each leader to try and make his country the most powerful in the game the most powerful wins:)

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It depends on the team. For example, teams like the Yankees and Red Sox normally have close to or sold out crowds. Teams like the Florida Marlins don't have many fans showing up to games. It also depends on the day, if the game is during the week it is most likely there won't be as many fans then there would be on a friday, saturday, or sunday.