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Some nba players that played AAU Basketball are... Shaq, Patrick Ewing, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Baron Davis

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Q: What NBA players played AAU basketball?
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Has AAU basketball ruined the NBA?

no. if NBA and AAU are both here, then obviosly not. i play on an aau teem, and its all good.

How many basketball players in the nba played college basketball?


Do all NBA refrees have to be basketball players?

No way most of them have not played in the nba but been around basketball for their whole life

What are the names of Australian basketball players that played in the NBA?

Andrew GAze

What current college basketball players have fathers that played in the NBA?

john stockton

How do NBA players get in the NBA?

Be good at basketball and try out college basketball team

How many NBA players are polish?

There are 8 polish basketball players in the NBA

Who were the NBA basketball players in 1920?

The NBA (National Basketball Association) did not exist in 1920.

What NCAA basketball conference has the most players in the nba?

the acc has the most nba players.

What basketball players are in gangs?

None in the NBA

What does NBA players do?

play basketball as there jobs.

What NBA basketball players are uncircumcised?


What high school basketball players not drafted into the nba?

All that are not in the NBA

What do the NBA players do?

NBA players play for one of the 30 NBA teams. They participate in basketball games and get paid for playing in them.

Would all NBA players be amazing basketball players outside the NBA?

Of course not. There are NBA players who are broken-down shells of their former selves, and there are also players who wouldn't fit in well with, say, the European style of basketball.

How many players dose a basketball take?

the nba take 50 players a year, and 20 out the nba

What do NBA players need to know?

how to shoot a basketball

Who is the best basketball players in the nba?

Kobe Bryant

What is the big people in the world?

NBA basketball players.

Do they use NBA players in olympic basketball?


What leagues are there in basketball?

There is the NBA and there is a league with players not quite at the NBA level. The NBA is the major league with the professional basketball players. There are also college leagues, and elementary schools even have leagues.

How did basketball players get to the NBA?

be really good in high school and go or get a college basketball scholership then go to the nba.

Can basketball players go to the nba from high school?

No. Players used to be able to do this. But, players must 19 upon entry into the NBA.

How much do professional basketball players get paid in NZ?

Not as much as NBA players

What percentage of Division 1 basketball players go to the NBA?

its about 1% of players