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Q: What NBA players have worn the number 5?
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What number has NEVER been worn in the nba?


How many players in Packers' history have worn the number 4?

5 Players 5 Players

How many players in packers history have worn number 4?

5 Players 5 Players

What NBA players wear the number 5?

Kevin garnett

What NBA players have number 5?

Josh Smith and Andres Nocioni

What famous NBA players wear number 5?

ted day

Is wade in the top 5 nba players in the league?

yes. he is number one.

NBA players with number 5 jersey?

Josh Smith on the Atlanta Hawks, for one..

Which New York Giants players have worn jersey number 5?

lester borden

Which basketball players have worn jersey number 9?

usually basketball players use number 0-5 so that refs can signal their number when calling fouls..

Who is number 5 of Brazil in soccer?

Many players have worn the number 5 jersey. Currently, Manchester City player Fernandinho wears it.

What Buffalo Bills players have worn number 23 and number 5 excluding Lynch and Edwards?

Davis n norwood