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Julius Erving and Bill Russell are the most famous to wear 6.

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Q: What NBA player wore number 6?
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What penn state player wore number 6?

what penn state football players wore 6

Which Red Sox player wore number 6?

Johnny Pesky.

Which Duke Basketball player wore number 6?

No Duke basketball player ever wore the number 6 in college. The NCAA only allows numbers 0-5 to be used for jersey numbers.

Is the number 23 retired in the nba?

no . remember lebron james wore the number 23. he decided to give the number up and wear the number 6 on the heat out of respect

Which Denver Broncos players wore number 6?

Jay Cutler wore number 6.

Is LeBron James an NBA basketball player?

Yes. Number 6 on the Miami Heat.

Ho wore the number 6 jersey in the NFL?

Benny Friedman wore number 6 and is in the HOF.

What famous baseball player wore the number 6?

Johnny Pesky from the Boston Red Sox

Who wore the 6 uniform for the Denver Broncos?

Jay Cutler was the last player to wear number 6 for the Denver Broncos.

What famous Turkish soccer player wore 6?

Currymand wore it

Who wore number six for dodgers?

Steve Garvey wore #6 for the Dodgers for the longest time. Currently, utility player Jerry Hairston wears it.

Which nba players wear number 23?

Michael Jordan wore it, that's why it's very famous. LeBron James wore it in the 2009-10 season, but he's changing it to 6 in the 2010-11 season. Marcus Camby, a player for the Portland Trail Blazers wears the number 23 as his jersey as well, most NBA players wear that number in honor of Michael Jordan because he made that jersey number famous in basketball.

How tall is the average NBA basketball player?

The average height for a nba player is 6 foot 7

Which current NBA player has won 6 NBA titles?

Robert Horry.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback wore number 6?

Quarterback Bubby Brister wore #6 for the Steelers.

What number did Al Kaline wear?

He wore the number 6.

Who originally wore number 6 for the White Sox?

The first player to wear #6 for the White Sox was outfielder Johnny Watwood in the 1931 season.

Who wore Number 6 for the dodgers?


Who wore number 6 for the Phillies?

Ryan Howard

Which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback wore the number 6?

Quarterback Bubby Brister wore #6 for the Steelers from 1986-1992.

Who wore 6 for the Yankees in 1995?

Tony Fernandez wore uniform number 6 for the 1995 New York Yankees.

Who wore number 6 for the New York Yankees?

* Click on the link below to see all the Yankees who wore the #6.

What player wore number 6 for the Denver Broncos?

Multiple players have worn the number six on their Jersey for the Broncos. Most recently, it was worn by Jay Cutler.

How may fouls does each player get before fouling out in the NBA?

a player is allowed 6 fouls before "fouling out" in an NBA game.

What nba player birthday is on July 6?

Pau Gasol